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Fast, efficient and customized to your need – that’s our approach. We’ve been helping industry strip metal for well over a century. In that time we’ve seen it all and done it all. Using our carefully engineered non-electrolytic chemistries, our expert team can help you identify the best way to reduce cost, minimize steps, and protect your materials.

Rapid Metal Stripping Benefits Include:

Rapid Metal Stripping Benefits Include:

  • No racking required
  • Low start up cost
  • Ease of operation
  • Minimizes base metal attack
  • Works well with complex part geometries

Non-Electrolytic Immersion Metal Strippers

Operating Temperature
Stripol Ni Ultra10Ambient - 180°FUse as receivedRemoves nickel plate
from steel
Cuprastrip System
10Ambient - 150°F2 parts product at 50%Removes copper plate
from steel
StripolNeutralAmbient - 140°FVariesRemoves multiple plated surfaces

Metal Stripping Product List

CuprasystemRemoves copper plate from steel
StripolRemoves multiple plated surfaces
Stripol CBRRemoves nickel plate from steel
Stripol Ni UltraRemoves nickel plate from steel
Stripol PONIRemoves nickel plate from steel
Stripol PVD AFRemoves PVD coatings from multiple substrates

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